EPL: Chelsea vs Manchester United [P+R]


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Congrats to Chel$ea...

ShearerM4 said:
and what's up with this pic?

WTF :|


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Nah i guess not. :)

What a dodgy picture though. Its bad enough the little kid giving the finger, but what exactly is the bloke doing. It looks like he's doing a DiCanio to me. Maybe it just looked like that as the pic was taken. I hope so otherwise Chelsea should ban his arse forever. Very dodgy though.


ShearerM4 said:
Lee ?

Becaus he already has one from last season ... he can't keep everything he owns! :fool:

Eh, not sure if you were joking or not, but that is exactly what Mourinho told the press here: he already had one and doesn't like to keep too much stuff around the house, so he decided to give it to the fans! :)


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I didn't have a chance to do it last night but congratulations to all the mates that support Chelsea. Back to back wins, sweet as hell.
Totally dominated the Mancs and a well deserved tittle.