Evolution Patch 1.3 optionfile update----(updated to 28/7)


Youth Team
Optionfile + Kitserver patch---must use them together!!!

Premier League

Derby County for Sheffield
Sunderland for wading Fords
Birmingham for Charlton

Seria A

Juventus for Ascoli
Genoa for Chievo
Napoli for Messina


Duisburg for Aachen
Karlsruhe for Gladbach
Rostock for Mainz (thanks at Micele)

Primera division

Almeria for Celta Vigo
Murcia for Tarragona
Valladolid for Sociedad

Ligue 1

Strassbourg for Sedan
Metz for Nantes
Caen for Troyes


LA Galaxy for Juve


River Plate for Sunderland
Besiktas for Birmingham
Boca junior for Genoa
Feyenoord for Murcia
Flamengo for Bologna


07/08 Kits (not full):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



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Very good OF. But i have question :
Last time when I played my passes and shots were much accurate than now with this option file. Can you tell me did you change something and if yes can I Undo the gameplay settings by myself? THX


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Will this patch work with
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution 2007 PS2 in U.S.?
Never patch Option file before, any link? I am looking at Max Drive.



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can anyone tell me where to place the option file? I cannot find anything that resembles it in my PES 6 file.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Guys

I have installed (copied) uni folder to my current kitserver. I also copied map.txt to a stadium folder and option file. The problem is that the game crashes very often after selecting kits before match... it crashes either on squad screen or (if I quickly go through lineup screen) during match-loading screen. The game crashes to windows with pes6.exe error in kserv.dll

I used different versions of kitserver and its the same thing happening. I moved my old uni folder back and started the game with: new stadium map, new OF and old uni, and it worked fine... So there must be something in Uni folder that causes the crash.. any ideas? For instance, it always happens when I select real madrid as one of match teams. I also can't get into Wolfsburg - Dortmund match in the League (I play Dortmund). First fixture was ok...

Please help... I cant wait to play with updated teams


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Just finished downloading and installing the patch. Thanks so much! My only problem is that when I started a new ML campaign with MU the stats and positions of some players are messed up i.e Dong Fang Zho and Keiran Lee are GK and their stats are all zeros. But when I checked at the the player edit screen their positions and stats are correct. Anyone knows what's up here?


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i'm using flashget to download the file,but when it download halfway,then it stop and no data receiving,you guys using any other download program?thank you