Evolution Patch Released


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IxI SoNiK IxI said:
cool nice work (Y) dutch league or not dont matter to me, i always setup up my ML with epl lfp seriea and the 4th league as a mix of teams anyways
Same for me its a lot better to play ML this way!


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PaulDiddy said:
use ur brain boy,and use the optionfile

@lol,you are able to read,great dude

@all dutch pes friends
we feel sorry for not including the dutch league.though we saved 3 teams...
but at least,its a german patch so we included our league...
feel free to use the patch or at least some parts of it.

maybe another reasen for not including the dutch league is the lack of dutch stadiums.
nevermind what they say , thanks for this patch .
I won't use it fully of course but I'll do as you said and import some teams from your patche's option file so thank you :)


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Hello there lads i have just got this patch well most of it but i cant get the option file and the e_text.I cant yous rapidshare or meagaupload is there any chance that you can put it on filefront from what i can see its very good thanks :Bow:


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Thanks a lot for that PaulDiddy i got the e_text now i just need the option file cheers :) dont need it now i have got it


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"nice" edu dracena face! (fenerbahçe) !


(or am I the only one who has adebayor face and hair for him ?????)


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Two questions:

Does this work online?

Have the player stats been changed?

I look forward to your response.


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no,sorry,doesnt work online,cause db hasn't been changed
player stats are smoothly changed for some players in of


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kuthxbv said:
can some one make a english text patch i dont understand german and alot of ppl dont know 2...

We are working on that fix! We hope at the weekend we can upload the fixed e_text.

@ magic2006 you must use the online pes6 exe. The game works 100 % online. I have testet it!


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so how can i choose this teams, for 2 division? everytime i try is only german and french teams in 2 division, and cant change them. im trying to play with a english team, but 2 division is screwed with german and french teams.

PaulDiddy said:
for installation,please read the posts here and ignore the description on filefront.

for sure,german league is favorised,we are germans and we want to play with our league...

the clubs in others c are useful for the master league so you play the league with teams of only one country.these teams in others c are second division teams....

sorry for the bugs in e_text,i post a fixed one


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@ magic2006 you must use the online pes6 exe. The game works 100 % online. I have testet it![/QUOTE]
o.k i use it when h go into network the game ask me for add password
what can i do??