FA Cup Final: Chelsea v Man Utd [P & R]


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Drvar;2329204 said:
wow, Ferguson wanted a penalty, Giggs wanted his goal to stand, what the hell? that rivals with some of Mourinho's wackiest comments.

It could have been a penatly - the ball also crossed the line.


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Then thank fu<k Graham Poll wasn't in charge, because only a useless wanker would have given a penalty or a goal. Essien's tackle on Giggs was clean and Giggs pushed Cech over the line with his momentum as he slid in. That might have been a goal in 1960 but never in 2007.


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The Ref didn't even call a Foul on Giggs on that play, so the goal should stand, yes its a foul but if the ref didnt call the foul then he should count the goal (im not saying i think it shouldt be allowed, im just saying the ref should have at least counted the foul)


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Yeah, the ref should have done something because the ball did cross the line, therefore a call has to be made either way and he should have called a foul. But it doesn't matter, either way it was there for Giggs to score easily and he messed it up.


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boring game.

I can see a pattern forming though, top 3 clubs in england, Man u the premiership, Chelsea the fa cup... Liverpool, European maybe?

i just hope the English players representing there clubs do just as well in the internationals... we can dream :funny:
Moreira_Benfica;2329343 said:
im just saying the ref should have at least counted the foul

Why? For the sake of some formality so that people on the internet can come to a conclusion easier?

To a goalkeeper, having the ball in your hands is generally a preferable means of distribution than taking a free-kick. When a goalkeeper is fouled and comes out of it holding the ball referees tend to let him play on so as to not disadvantage him - the logical thing to do.