Face Request Thread


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I need a little help, can someone fit/move/edit these hair so they are in right position?

Here is the model: download


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Hey guys, since my pc died I lost all my fifa info, so I was wondering if anyone had some kind of folder that includes heads, hairs or textures of specific players with their respective names (like something you'd use while creating faces to choose different head, hairs and textures options). It'd be awesome if anyone could share that kind of helpful thing.


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bless;3936857 said:
maybe someone would convert face for this big talent?
Bartlomiej Dragowski - 86 potential

Download link (fifa 16 face):

IL Diavolo;3951838 said:

But I asked Dragowski and until now you have not converted.
Nouri converted but you not put hair and I did not put his image.
And Sanabria has already been converted.


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