Face(s) Request Thread


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thanks to SCN FIFA 12 Turkish Spor Toto Super League - Nano Detailed by gokhanka,
i managed to get Bebe from Besiktas(in the game)
would be very happy if someone can help make his face for me^^
i bet other MU fans would be pleased too~!! :)


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Could someone make Toldo texture here's image



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Does anybody has a Ronaldo Face or Texture? Could also be one from FIFA 11 if it is converted ;) But I'm talking about the "old" Ronaldo, not Cristiano Ronaldo :)
I'm also searching for a Guti Face. If anybody has his FIFA 11 face and can convert it for me, it would be perfect :D


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I'd rather prefer Gamefaces and especially minifaces of players that aren't yet in FIFA 12:


Paulo Dybala:

Jakub Świerczok from Piast Gliwice

Aristide Bancé:

Edu from FC Schalke:

Steffen Lang (VfB Stuttgart):

David Degen:

from Legia Warszawa:

Bogusławski, Łukasz:


Jakub Szumski:


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Here ne cff from hunter

Must twas only a narrow jaw and eye smaller then this should fit please could make me the one you will not want to hear it from me because Huntelaar thank you.

I think it's a shame that one myself so I ignored my request could be erfüllen.man Huntelaar from me much pleasure did not say either way etwas.Ich here ne cff you would have to edit something or just something I would be ready for it to 10euro pay when I face a an HD Huntelaar conjures him to the top and Nich-game recognizes only as semi wegs.Ich want but only this one is so professionals face it might be possible for you to do what it should be possible even then it fifa 13 the use of I can then also there to enjoy my son is also an absolute Huntelaar fan and he asks me every time papa you've been a good for fifa Huntelaar.Und unfortunately every time I have to tell him no, my son, unfortunately not: - /








I hope it is inspiring to you, it is my earnest when I now a very great and ingame NEN good Huntelaar made ​​made ​​I will pay the 10euro. If no one is willing to help me I'll hang with you not around here anyway because no one speaks or helps with the other big thank you.