Faces by alex94


Senior Squad

it includes:
Forman M.D.
Kartushov (Desna)
Burlin (Arsenal B-C)
Magrão (Dynamo Kyiv)
Popov (Dynamo Kyiv)
Diego Armando Maradona (manager of the Argentine national team)

Cristian Chivu :innocent_smile_1:



Starting XI
good faces man but unfortunately i can't get it. it always says that my country is busy. could you upload it to another server such 4shared or filefront :clapwap:


Senior Squad
maybe you don't know this players)))

it includes:
Мгуни Мусавенкоси
Янков Чавдар
Мхитарян Генрих
Годин Алексей
Лазич Джордже
Жозе Соарес
Боавентура Вильям
Чечер Вячеслав
Жулио Сезар

original pics on official site


Senior Squad
Chivu=stndrt 3D model+sharp texture with little Update in hair place+super update of helmet of the tankman.Yes i'm agree with your opinion)))
And i like my Maradona!!!)))


Youth Team
Sancho, xD Они ж не понимают русский=)

I very like your Lazic, Popov and A. M. D. G.)