Faces by VinzzzBzH


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Gourbish;3410253 said:
Thank you too !

I read that you had a problem on several faces with eyelashes displayed in front of the head. I noticed that on 4 or 5 faces if I remember well. It seems that the problem is with the hair file which seems to have a space regarding the face. I don't know how work rx3 files but I believe that this problem of space would be possible to solve. Maybe by making a reverse space, or by translating the landmarks.

If some faces would need some adjustments, other faces are really good for a beginner I think.

Keep that will !

I can delete eyelashes by editing the alpha texture. I made it for several of my faces. If some of my faces have still the problem, it's an mistake of mine...


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Vinzz, it seems that you have better abilities for modeling than for texturing. I'm wrong ? I say that because some of your faces appear to be good modeled but have a worse texture.
So I tried to improve one of your faces by re-texturing it. I worked on the Romao face and here is the result (from CM):
The preview: The texture:

What do you think of it ?


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New faces from AS Monaco:
Giorgos Tzavellas, Layvin Kurzawa and Nampalys Mendy



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@ Gourbish: in fact Tzavellas is an old unreleased face, Kurzawa and Mendy are new ones, I made them rapidly thanks to great pictures (res 910*949)

@ razvan9431: I tried to make Tabanou but the result was no good.. I'm searching for better pics...


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Waiting new pack, great faces, specially waiting Payet.

On why not Chedjou :) and Adama SOUMAORO --> Amazing after two season in Career Mode :)