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xeneize;2696777 said:
This message goes to all the sites I have posted my faces at. Some guy stole my faces for his patch and put that he made the faces and gave me no credit what so ever. Well in the sites I posted a promise that if ANYONE stole my work i would delete my links. AND SO I DID, SO IF YOU HAVE BEEN HAVING ERRORS DOWNLOADING MY WORKS ITS BECAUSE I DELETED THEM.

I am truly sorry for those of you who feel betrayed. But i had to do this to show those Carlos*asses that i am a man of my word...

This is the guy who apparantly didnt understand: http://www.gratisjuegos.org/descargar/liga-argentina-fifa-09-estadios/

From now on you will have to ask for my future pack by PM.

Please read, before posting...


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che xene te vass??

nooooooooo:( va q joder con los q roban trabajos por lo menos no roban los mios (verybad works :)

suerte che