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I apologize for the inconvenience.
The community eLEAGUEnet is trying to make things easier for everyone.
We're trying to get all the resources in one place.
We're trying to get them all on GOOGLE Drive ( paid by eLEAGUEnet ) because many of them, after a while, expire and can not be downloaded anymore.
We have costs supported by us: 12$/year for domain, 7$/month for host, 10$/month for GOOGLE Drive. Everything without ads on our site.
All downloads is for free. But guys, i need your support for this.


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-Fabio please Daniel Podence e Diogo Gonçalves.

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fabio viana

[QUOTE = "Supernova, post: 6486052, membro: 213753"] Bom trabalho Fabio !! ;)

Você já pensou em fazer uma coleção de todos os rostos em um único arquivo? [/ QUOTE]
I never thought about it


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