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shadow 79

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He doesn't have a scanned face
Brandon Williams


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friend wish i could answer a question is it possible now with this new frost editor to be able to convert the faces of The Jorney characters Alex Hunter, Danny Willams, Kim Hunter Etc ..?


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Hey guys, I'll start a new project regarding that this year we'll be having two important competitions such as Copa America and Euro 2020. I want to have most of the squads with all their starheads made or converted. I started working on Belgium and Italy, clearly this is a huge amount of work that's why I need people to help me:

1. Collect high quality photos to make the starheads from scratch if necessary.
2. Or list the players that will be in each competition that are missing to be converted.
3. Or any other help you think might come handy for this project,

If you think you can help me, please send me a PM.

Here an update: