Faces FIFA 16


Senior Squad
I'd like to thank @verdun who has been supporting my work on Serie A facemaking from the very beginning. I'd also like to thank @lacinkacinka89 who has also been interested in my work. Thank you guys.

All serie A player have been requested by @verdun except for Sutalo, most of them were made by me from scratch, whereas a few others were taken from others' face conversions from newer FIFA titles. And, Koopmeiners was ordered by @lacinkacinka89

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/64kh5sgjd80j3rf/file
Sutalo's Link: https://link-to.net/16562/Sutalo16


I'd like to thank those who have supported the time I 've spent on facemaking. That keeps me motivated and encouraged. Cheers!


Starting XI
Guys who uploaded their own face Sutalo's can share this link I'm having problems and I can't download and fix it.


Club Supporter
Hair style of like players havry Elliots, kalvin phillips, van bissaka, camvinga edurado crash the game fifa 16 ?? Please any one have solution, or solved a problem ????


Senior Squad
Good morning guys, another big face pack with many acknowledgments. In first place, I'd like to thank @verdun who has brought Serie A to life by trusting and supporting my time and work. I would also like to thank @ramzidz15 who has created really amazing versions of Trauco and Ikoné and that's why I decided to convert them.

Serie A and Ligue 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9x9vpae9mql1e6t/file
Skov Olsen: https://link-to.net/16562/Skov16
Melero: https://link-to.net/16562/Melero16
Alvaro Garcia: https://link-to.net/16562/AGarcia16



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