..:: Faces in Fifa06 ::..


Youth Team
I've played the Demo of Fifa06 and watched the faces.
They're in the same format like the ones from Fifa05, so you can use the same faces in the future.
The only differences are the names of the files, so the facemakers have to correct the names of their faces ...

For example, Neville from ManUtd ...

Name of the 3d modell: m228__244
Name of the face texture: t21__244_0_0
Name of the hair texture: t22__244_0

IMPORTANT: Number 244 is the playerID of Neville, it's different with every face !!

And here you can see the files ...

greetz, VfLer


Youth Team
Hm... the face import isn't as easy as I thought :(
At first, my game crasht after a normal import, and now, after a FifaFS import, it looks like this -->