fake.lnc :(


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Recently I decided to start playing a nice FM 2006 game I had with Everton again. So after installing everything again, I loaded up the game.

Everything worked fine, untill I realised that the fake names for the German team weren't fixed yet. No problem I thought, so I downloaded a correction of this fake.lnc file, which I always do, and installed it. But back in my game the German team still wasn't back to normal again. So I decided to use another trick and delete the fake.lnc file altogether, but again no normal German team, only 'grey' random players.

Anyone know what's wrong an how to fix this?
man there are multiple fake.lnc files in database, try deleting all of them.

besides, I remove the complete lnc folder in Football Manager 2007\data\db\70? and I`ve experienced no problems at all. should work the same way in FM06. try. :)


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well, it works now.
It came out that I just had to wait for the next national game of Germany, before the coach could select 'normal' German players again. It's seems to be all fine now again.

Patience... :)