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Discussion in 'FIFA 09 Consoles' started by lightyboy24-7, Jul 4, 2009.

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    HI i recently started a 1v1 league (for xbox 360) for committed members. we filled it quickly, but some me,bers decided not to carry on, and so some teams are stil on 0 games played at the end of week 1. there are a few spaces available, and teams can be chosen form any fifa league as a club team, that isnt already taken.

    we have quite a few ommitted guys and we all jus wanna play some fifa really and see who is the best. there is a chatbox on site where you can talk about anything to other members.

    if u fancy joining head to, or pm me.

    if you are going to website, te chatbox is on the HOME page. you can find details of sign ups in here.

    thanks guys

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