FC Barcelona retro 14-15

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I wanted to replay with the Barcelona that won the "Triplete", so that's why I recreated it with their three kits, the squads from that moment, including players like xavi or alves that aren't actually in the game, and also including minifaces from fifa 15 to make it more nostalgic. I also includ in this mod minifaces for Real Madrid, with the appropiate squad, and also for the Argentinian National Team, with its kit. I couldn't do the Real Madrid, though I have the textures, so if someone could hepl me it should be amazing to play a Clasico from that season. Hope you like it!
Credits to:
Wichanwoo: I took Suarez shaven face, Neymar retro hair, Messi with no beard and an updated Pique face
Rolls: FC Barcelona Kits and Alves & Xavi face and Argentina 1st kit
Me: FC Barcelona minikits, squads updated and some players stats updated so it is more real (for ex. Bravo is higher rated than Ter Stegen). Also I added the real madrid and the FC barcelona full minifaces, and added some to Atletico de Madrid and Argentina National Team, including in the lastone the players that went to the WC2014 and the 1st kit.
And now, I would really appreciate if someone could help me with the Real madrid kits, I have the textures and the font if someone needs them, but I am not able to put them properly. Thanks
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Hello, I am contacting you because I would like to modify the Newcastle shirt but I do not know at all how to do with Frosty Editor to import the new one. Would there be any tutorials that you know of so I can get there please? On youtube I can't do it.
Or else try to directly edit a Fantasy Kits "fbmod" file?
thank you