FC Bayern München Thread [2012/2013]

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1 Barca
2 Real
3 Chelsea
4 Bayern
5/6 Utd/City
7/8 Milan/Juve

Chelsea won last year and made some huge purchases.


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Most places here in the newspaper it's pretty much,
1. Barca
2. Madrid
3. City,United,Bayern
4. Chelsea


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ShiftyPowers;3291320 said:
Enjoy the star on your kit this year. I'm sure you will get used to it.

so many stars will make the logo so ugly, just assume 9 stars around Real logo.


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Btw, your ex player, Olic, scored a hat trick during his Wolfsburg debut.
I don't know why Heynkes could not utilize him like van Gaal.


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******* Chelsea. I must have already counted that one before we won it.

And Olic is a decent enough player, but first of all these 1st Round Cup Games are always walks, and secondly I'd much much much rather have Mandzukic.


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Depth wise i think we are much better with Mandzo and Pizza backing up Gomez, hopping he gets healthy soon. I also think Mueller will see much playing time up front also, with the addition of Javy (IF it happens of course) and Shaqiri our midfield is stacked. Kroos, Piggy, Robben, Ribery, Shaqiri, Gustavo & Javy make up 7 players for a 4-5 men midfield depending on tactics. And that is not even counting Tymo and the youngsters.
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