FC Porto out of the Champions League


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The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has decided FC Porto will not be admitted to the 2008/09 UEFA Champions League after studying a matter involving alleged bribery of referees in Portuguese domestic matches in 2003/04.

Further information
In two cases, the Portuguese champions were last month deducted a total of six points and fined €150,000 by the disciplinary committee of the Professional Portuguese Football League. Following reports published in the Portuguese media about the issue, UEFA contacted the Portuguese Football Federation to obtain further information.

Admission criteria
The matter was subsequently referred to the UEFA judicial bodies for further examination, as there was felt to be a doubt over whether Porto fulfilled the admission criteria, notably Article 1.04 (d) of the 2008/09 UEFA Champions League regulations. The article states that to be eligible to take part in the competition a club must, among other things, not be or have been involved in any activity aimed at arranging or influencing the outcome of a match at national or international level.

Portugal judgement
The Control & Disciplinary Body considered that the offences related to the judgement in Portugal corresponded with "an activity aimed at arranging or influencing the outcome of a match," as stated in Article 1.04 (d), and that the condition set out in this provision would therefore not be met by Porto. The decision is open to appeal within three days of the sending of the decision.

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And now, with special dedication to your president Jorginho, from Muse:

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Polish Football Federation should follow the example from Portuguese football. I wish to have in the management board such 'men with balls' as you have.(Y)


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Anthony;2532440 said:
Polish Football Federation should follow the example from Portuguese football. I wish to have in the management board such 'men with balls' as you have.(Y)

Haha, "Mans with balls", if only...

If we had those mans Porto would be on the second division many many years ago. 25 years of corruption only worked out on this little thing because UEFA actually played a key role, if it was for our Federation, they would still be laughing on us, guess who laughs now...

It should be so much worse, but oh well, it's better than nothing.

sl benfica

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The funny part was Porto tried to use AC Milan has their evidence LOL. The rule was created in the first place because of them of corruption.


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I heard this on the radio as I was driving home today. I wasn't even aware that Porto were caught up in anything like this. So we won't see them in the CL this coming season huh? Thats a shame for the fans of course.

Who was manager of Porto when all this corruption was taking place?


That's what annoys the crap out of me, why the **** would you try to win a game by corrupting a referee when you have Mourinho? :D

Also, to all you sore, sore fans of other clubs, just shut the **** up already with the "fairness" and the singing and the happiness. For once just be gracious when bad things happen to other clubs. If Pinto da Costa did corrupt referees, no Porto fan wants to have anything to do with it. Also, it was only proven in two games, so stop with the "25 years of corruption blablabla". You ****ers couldn't win **** for those 25 years, don't blame it on Porto. You know very well that it's Porto didn't corrupt referees every single game for the past two decades, and they certainly didn't corrupt european referees when we won the Uefa Cup and the Champions League(twice). The same **** happened to clubs like Milan, Juve and Fiore and nobody complained about unfairness then, but of course, you whining benfiquistas and sportinguistas have to talk through your asses in the first chance you get, just because your clubs cannot produce on the field.

So yes, I am obviously ashamed and disappointed with the people who run my club of heart, who I thought put Porto's interests above all else and who have disappointed the fans of my club, but I also think that appearing as if you were the biggest saints on earth - as you are doing - shows that you are nothing a but sorry losers. The only thing worse than being ungracious when things go wrong, is being ungracious when things go right. So please stop with the party, men.


Mourinho did some great things with the club and won some great trophies with the unfancied but a very talented FC Porto squad.

But this has dented those achievements a little at least.
Why do you need to bribe ref when you have a manager like Jose and a kind of team that FC Porto used to have.


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Man, I thought it might have been Jose. That's crazy.

As I said it's the fans who feel the hurt and embarrassment the most. Good fans of Porto don't deserve this. Hell, good fans of any club don't deserve this.

Other fans should just be thankful it wasn't their club who got caught.

sl benfica

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There are reports also that CSKA Sofia will also not be in CL this season because of debt, taxes and have not recieved licensing from the national FA. Unless they fix it soon they will be out and regulated a division.


So what team will take their place in the groupstage?

edit: nevermind, it looks like Vitoria Guimares has taken their spot. Man, along with CFR Cluj being in the group stage, those are two teams right there that I guarantee at least 80% of Europe has never heard of.


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After years without winning a title today´s it´s party day for "Benfiquistas". Congratulations. :biggrinx:

Don´t worry. We will appeal from this ridiculous decision and i am sure we will win. We have the reason at our side.

Even Portuguese FA is against Porto with the tendencious report they send to UEFA. We don´t care. We are much bigger that.

I just would like to know if Porto can´t go to CL why Juve and Fiorentina are in:clapwap:

Only the strongest survive. We will live forever
Porto 4ever.