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I have added a new team to world cup 2002 with FCDB XP, just wondering how to play with the team in the world cup mode as is says i'm eliminated straight away but the team works fine in friendlies so does anyone know anything?:confused:


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Hi friend,

I know I faced the similar problem too. It shows that you cannot create a new team in the WC2002 otherwise your team will be eliminated as early as you have yet to kick a ball.

What you should do, just replace one of the unqualified team like Austria, Israel, Czech Republic, Switzerland or Australia with your new team. Import the team speech from FIFA 2002 and add new players with new speeches probably from FIFA 2002 too. I have managed to do that.

Even you can edit all the teams and replace them with the European top clubs or the European Champions League qualified teams for 2001-02 season or 2002-03 season.

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can you ..

copy the team (eg: australia), so that you have 2 times the same team, and then change the one that can play the cup for the team you want to create.
is it possible?


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i need a favor from u guys

can u plz tell me if ur FCDB XP is an english verison, if its can u plz send me the site ive been looking for it for long time can't find it plz.

send me the site or post plz

and sorry couldn't help u with ur problem dud

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