Feet are killing me after wearing new cleats


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I don't know what the deal is Perhaps I didn't break them in enough and need to give them some time. But after getting thease new Nike cleats about 2 weeks ago I wore them about 3 times including yesterday and after awhile of running, the back of my foot where the back lip of the shoe is begins to burn and the skin get's irrirated and hurts.

I usually wear a size 13, thease are a 12 and I stilll have room. Any ideas of how to stop this? I'm going to head to the store after and get sports socks and perhaps tape it up.

Any ideas?


Youth Team
i suggest wearing your new ones around the house to break them in. wear them whenever your in the house you can also go outside and play in them when you don't have a game or practice. if your getting blisters or the top of your foot is hurting you can try to put some medical tape or a couple band-aids around the spot until it gets better.


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get smaller shoes, get them a size smaller than your actual foot size so your foot doesn't move to much inside your shoes. That's what I've been told to do, I just haven't gotten around to it. Get back to me and tell me if it works.


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I did. I usally wear a 13, this is a 12 I have. My you, I forgot to say, it's been a couple years atleast 5 or so since I've had cleats on and ran on a soccer field. I don;t know what I did but I did something with the left cleat and it wasn't bothering me as much. I checked my right foot and on the back below the calf the skin was peeling and was all red. the left foot was fine I had no discomfort.

I even bought thease Nike dri-fit socks and it helped pretty good. I think it's a combination of not wearing cleats for years and that my body isn't used to me running in them?