FIFA 07 "Remaster"

Is young Cristiano Ronaldo looking good?

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It's so crazy to have these faces. It's like the football of our childhood in next-gen.

I was stunned looking at the quality of FIFA06-07 stadiums of X360. I can't believe we were fooled until 2010 with bad quality.
old-gen FIFA 07 is my childhood of course, but it's also (at least for me) the best looking FIFA on PS2 when it goes to detailed models and animations.
Even the sun-scorched grass makes it easily distinguishable from its predecessors.
Probably because FIFA 07 for Xbox 360 was the de-facto prototype.
There were no skill moves there, not even a fake-shot.
But then of course, where there was no such excuse and FIFA 08 was already 100% ready for next-gen, PC gamers were treated like thieves.


Club Supporter
congratulations friend, I hope you continue with your excellent work, this is a golden project, for me the best time for teams and players!!!


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Laurent Robert and Olivier Kapo


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Ok, now I can publish facepack of younger versions of specific players.
Agüero Sergio (Atletico Madrid)
Arbeloa (Deportivo La Coruna)
Bravo Claudio (Real Sociedad)
Dani Alves (Sevilla)
David Silva (Valencia)
David Villa (Valencia)
dos Santos Giovani (Barcelona)
Felipe Melo (Racing Santander)
Gabi (Atletico Madrid)
Javi Martinez (Ahtletic Club de Bilbao)
Juanfran (Real Madrid)
Piqué (Real Saragossa)
Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)
Victor Valdés (Barcelona)


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It's up to you of course but if one day this mod is integrated into CP14 there may be disreptancies since CP14 is based on winter transfers for each season.
By default, I want career mode to be playable as well. This is first, and secondly, making transfers for the summer is easier for me, because updating to winter does not change the db itself.
Also, winter-only players like Barthez, Vieri or Kluivert are already in the Classic Patch, so transferring them shouldn't be a big problem.


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Simone Inzaghi and Igli Tare