FIFA 08 NEXT-GEN -let down online


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online is fine, usually lag free[ish].

my problem is the game coding. it's too easy to hit an accurate long shot, thus EA made goalkeepers super human to save the BEST efforts after well worked chances. the only gripe is to get around this you just exploit the fact they can't use their legs for sh!t so just love tap it under them and it's a goal. it's f*cking backwards. the best shots are saved, the sh!t ones go in. bollocks!!!!

not only that but i dominate EVERY online match i play in stats, possession where it counts and chances that in real life would be goals. in fifa 08 on my 360, it's either a superman save cause i didn't do a 'certain type of shot', YOU HERE THAT?! You have to do certain shots to score, it's dumb as F*CK! like how scripted do you want it?!

not only this but my defenders are lame and most players' that claim to have no problems with defending are usually the lucky ones who rely on their superman goalkeeper and score crap goals.

fifa 08 blows. i think PES7 isn't very good either, but at least you can convert after great build up.


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Hey, I want to buy a 360...and I must ask:

Do they break easily or fast?

I'm not a hard core gamer but I'd like to come home from school each day and maybe spend 1-2 hours playing it....

Will it break on me?

Sorry for being random, but I need someone to tell me :(



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hi nickclubman! are you going to make the game play patch for fifa08 (pc)? i wish the cpu to be more aggressive in both their attacking and defending but i need the balance for both human and cpu too :p