FIFA 08 Wish List - Next Generation


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This is the official thread for all next gen FIFA 08 requests (Xbox 360, PS3).

Keep this thread nice and neat and limit the conversations. Just post your requests please.


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Er... won't the PC version also be next gen kthx? With all the directx10, vista, new gfx cards etc.
I don't want to see another current gen fifa thx, It got old 3 or 4 yrs back.

Next gen requests:

Cutscenes that play at a decent fps ;)
All international teams tht have ever been in a WC?
The physics for balls bouncing off players need to be fine tuned. IN 07 there are some strange anomalies in the physics for ball hitting player calculations.
Decent intro cutscenes.
Fine tune the depth of field. It's good, but it can be better.
Make the game look like its being watched on tv - To give the most true to life experience.
Fine tune the animations for players. Add more realism to goalie animations.
Get the kits hair and faces looking real nd not blocky or blurry.

That's all for now.

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Ash_Clarke said:
Make the game look like its being watched on tv - To give the most true to life experience.

It's a game about playing football. Wouldn't it be more true to life if it looked like sitting in the stadium or standing on the field than watching tv?
Reminds me of the personal camera you have in PES. It gives the game a new level of difficulty because you have to look around to see if there is somebody to pass to.


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They should make a really good create a team and player creation and just have the major leagues and international teams those who have no team you just create one but it has to be a quality creation center .Be able to edit players faces hair and anything really so the crapy non faces we can make our very own . Better shooting i think you cant get better than pro evos shooting . Free kicks and corners you should be able to have defenders in there ?? Cut scenes have to be longer coming onto the field goal celebrations and coming off the field and make it more enjoyable when you win something its over to quick .


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Without question, FIFA 08 must include every single feature from the X-box and PS2 versions. Also I would like to see;

- Real dynamic weather, a 3:00 kick off in November means the second half is played in twilight and dark.

- Injury cut scenes, showing players being treated / stretchered off.

- Proper substitutions including the fourth official holding number board etc.

- Full player edit mode, enabling face changes to existing players too.

- Trick stick moves, perhaps limited and graded according to skill.

- Option to mix shirts shorts and socks (like in PES)

- All teams to have correct number fonts.

- Generic stadiums' seats to be customisable per match - for example if you were Tottenham at closed square you could select navy blue and gold seats.

Still we haven't seen the finished 07 yet!



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Just a rant, but a good one I think=
Compared to the arcadey NHL 2K7 I believe EA is heading in the right direction.

PhilH930 & others: In the right direction??????????????????????????????????????
How long is the journey? Where are they going? To outer space? I am up to my ears with this cliche: "Fifa is headed in the right direction" WTF? With all the money in the world, they cannot get to their destination? Every year it's the same quote: "Fifa is headed....... :sleep: PES has arrived in the direction fifa is trying to reach years ago! I mean, how much more slack are you gonna cut EA? I bet you when I'm 40, I'll hear, "Fifa is headed in....... :sleep:

Well, I'm sorry but Fifa have had ample time to get there. They keep churning out inferior gameplay, gimmicks, etc. I had high hopes from this 360 version and so far 80% of reviews, previews have been negative. That's enough for me. They should get their sh!!te together and make a game as good or better than Konami's.


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- That Allsvenskan, SAS Ligaen (superligaen) and Tippeligaen are there.

- Ullevaal, Parken & Rasunda is made.

- More nordic face.

- Norwegian Commentary's.



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ffan999 said:
Manual passing?
Game entirely based on player stats, and not precalculated ai :jambo:
On the 360, if you completely lower the pass assistance, the passes feel alot better. You have more control over their weight and trajectory. It does wonders for through passes.


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I think every sports game should have a proper creation centre... That means Fifa should have one too... I want to be able to make nice faces for my players, make my own teams, with kits, badges and more, and put the teams into a league... In Fifa 08 this is almost a must for me...

I also want the skill-stick to be in it... In a football-game you HAVE to be able to do tricks... It is such a big part of the game... EA needs to make the tricks rewarding, and the tricks have to WORK... If not there is no point in them being there...


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fifa makers must add some training to learn moves correctly to use it in matchs not in practice mode only
fifa makers have to make some development in virual simulation
& they have to add some thing in manger mode like training for manged team after specific period while season
& in the last season allow to player all international teams & play in the world cup


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LMFAO! OVNY my man we meet again LOL, i agree, good gameplay please..............this is vital with this FIFA will rule, FIFA needs to make you feel like anything can happen, and no patterns are seen or heard, then the game will feel real, and that will ROCK!! :bob:


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A better Indepth Creation Centre & Editor
like the Editor in PES 5 - more patterns, more possibilities, being able to create not only choose (Shirts & Boots, Faces & Hair ) logos, writings etc things we want

Classic Teams & Matches & Moments ( an Old Champions League Game had that once)

or at least more Legends to unlock (Pele, Cruyff, Maradonna, Platini etc)


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Stats should decide the abilities in depth

Bring back some fifa 2003 crowd atmosphere n presentation :rockman:

Fine tune the bloody physics....that feeling of freedom isnt there yet (:/)

If nothin works then offer Seabass a blank cheque and a cabin...should be perfect, well atleast for fifa ;)


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I would love to be able to manage an online league where my friends can play for a whole season. Let me explain the online league should have features where your friends are required to have a password to enter the league I would say 10-20 players you would get your fixtures for the week off the teams you have to play, you can call the other person or email to set up the best time to play the game this way you don’t miss a game because your working.

When the time is set both players come in and play this is a good league for those of us who hate cheaters you could run your own league as you see fit give out prizes ect. And you should be able to run it up to six months that’s a good time limit but you should be able to determine how long your season runs.

The regular manage mode and world cup modes should have youth teams remember in fifa 2004 when you could pick what type off training your player should for example the young wing player could work on crosses or your striker work on shooting this way you can pick a lower level team and build them into world beaters by grooming young talent into super stars