FIFA 08 Wish List - Next Generation


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Wish List

I'd like to see players square off more realistically...
More genuine crowd
See the manager on the sidelines
Transfer of players more realistic... - cup tied between Champions league team :taz: :taz: s


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Yes, great ideas... It would be awesome if FIFA came up with a "player mode" like you mentioned. I'm sure it's not too hard to incorporate that into the game play. It wud take FIFA into a diff league... :taz:


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brazil and argentina leagues
more boots
classics clubs and nations
more competitions
possibility to create clubs and player with kits and logo
more stadiums
play in snow
better crowd chants the chants we have now dont sound realistic like you'd hear when watching a soccer game on TV


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Off the Ball control
Better ingame editors
More gameplay options like halftime lengths and difficulty settings
More animations
More button-combination tricks like in pro evo


Reserve Team
1. Realistic net physics

2. Improved heading

3. Add simple tricks like stepovers and dragbacks

4. "super cancel" similar to what is in PES

5. Improved/more realistic shooting animations - currently some animations look quite awkward and unbelievable

6. More goalkeeper animations - currently there are too few and they appear overly rigid

7. Improved free kick system like in current-gen (ie. two players standing over the ball etc.)

8. More stadiums

9. Weather effects (real-time)

10. Improved uniform textures

11. Shorter substitution sequences

12. Referees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's for starters........ :ewan:


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Aragorn said:
, people that are screaming racist things during the macth, people like that (for to say them people), people that beat to other fans, etc,..are they hooligans?, Aye aye mate.I agree with your view on racism,its hard enough fighting it in real life let alone a video game.Though i thnk the mini riots r a gr8 idea! You should work on your english man,i almost understood what you were saying!


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i would like to see cinematics after goals like when game start the ball is at the center so after every goal there should be a cinematics of other team starting the game again,
and also i want to see injuries cinematics like player bleeding some times and some time needs a physio to help him go off the field for a while!thats i thought so far!


Senior Squad
make it harder to create a goal-scoring oportunity. Increase difficulty of shooting accuracy and decrease unbelievable goalkeeper saves, where it looks awkward and not real.

*Make CPU defence much harder to break
*DYNAMIC WEATHER!!! pllllleeeaaassse, would be so much more fun to play
*Fix commentary bugs
*Add more animations
*More individual players' (animations, styles, etc)
*Add in a few tricks, but nothing like the current-gen 'circus' that has become a bit of a joke, just a few tricks that require good timing and skill to execute
*overall increased difficulty and smarter AI
*Stop my players' running into eachother like idiots
*Increase controller responsivness for switching players'
*Increase responsivness for online play!!! I can't play right online, too slow. No lag, but just poor responses from my team.



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1. Improve create club
a. There should be at the very least triple the amount of available jerseys
b. You should be able to upload a GIF or JPEG for your teams logo
c. Your logo should display ON your uniform (shorts and shirt) as well as in the mini display at the bottom of the screen where the players name appears
d. Logo should display on all banners and flags the fans have
e. You should be able to play online with your created club (EA can downtune the stats of your squad so everyone is at an equal level)
1. like you can only have a certain amount of players over rating of 90,80, etc

2. Improve online experience
a. Have option to do a season sort of thing like fantasy american football
1. Players make a league of 10-20 clubs and the computer creates a season for them including cups and such. If players aren't available at the certain options for time they have to come play the CPU plays their team for them.
b. create option to allow people to speak to eachother during a game if they have microphones.
c. allow for extra time and penalty kicks in online games

3. Louder more realistic audience with more chants

:bob: :taz: :alex: :lui: :Carlos*o:


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Ah yes!

In manager mode if you are being succesful the manager/you should be invited to manage your home countries national team and you then have two teams you are managing. More national teams are needed as well.


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i really want new tricks, AND TUTORIALS HOW TO DO THEM!!!!! i also want players like maradonna, stoichkov, and more clubs. i also want good players to be able to do beastly stuff like pele's awesome back kick to score sweet goals.


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i agree, also they should get rid of players retiring. And they should make the goalkeeper behave like an actual goalkeeper.


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Allow us to use the Eyetoy (PS3) or the Live Vision Camera (X360) to put ourselves and our friends faces into the game.... now that would be simply awesome!