Fifa 10, Classic Patch return.....


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Hello friendly, that asked to me if they I can to help me with a patch who I did for PC FIFA 10, are created for that game a new league, pay, the selection of the glasses, the referees and modify the champions of Liga and the UEFA Europe, but I do not know that I made bad who works . I CAN NOT TO HELP ME SO THAT SHE WORKS? . THANKS English pardon for my then ones not to speak it and that a translator uses to write this. BREADFRUIT YOU SHIPMENT the CONNECTION where it places the patch:
my e-mail is: [email protected]


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GIGGIRIVA. first like to congratulate you for the wonderful patch!

Now changing the subject, I would like to know how to export faces edited for you this patch, because I could only export database players, please have many classical players that require my fifa faces, and I can not create faces.

I would love you to do a manual of how to export the edited patch faces, hopefully understand, do not intend to steal credits faces.

Sorry for my bad English!


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Anto78;3564404 said:
No one has the patch file?

I found the classic patch in the fifakorea site if anyone is still interesting about it...for download you need to register, but the link is still working.

P.S. : I have installed the patch, but didn't worked...not even after reinstalling my fifa...fortunately i made backup before the whole thing...
So, if anyone want to install it, make backup first.


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why i cant open thread and please i need help how to change picture balls in fifa 10 fan shop for new ball i dont find how to change it tnx for help guys