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The Demo will come out in few days and the game will be out in early October for PC and Late October for PS3.

I played Fifa 09 in both PC and PS3 but I liked PC one more, it was more comfortable for me + editing made it much more exciting.

I asked moderators to create a new section for Fifa 10 but they didn't really me yet.

Here you can see some of the features of Fifa 10 (PC):


(*) More realistic gameplay responsiveness

We looked at ways to make the responsiveness of the game more realistic than before. This will see you noticing:

- Faster transition between control command to action, removing frustrations with waiting for things to happen.

- 360 degree movement with improved animations

- 360 degree dribbling

- Improved player switching

- Auto-Evade slide tackle system to allow players to continue dazzling runs when slide tackle come flying in.

(*) New GK Behavior

Many requests have been made on the forums for better GK’s in FIFA 10. We are pleased to confirm the following changes:

-The “New” GK Distribution system see’s the goalkeeper now behaving more realistic than ever before. He will now pass the ball with a much higher level of intelligence choosing to roll the ball to his teammate, Throw or kick the the ball quickly to start a Counter-Attack, and take free-kicks from inside his half to allow his team to push forward up the pitch.

-“New” GK saving system will see goalkeepers palm the ball in a much more realistic manner. This will see more goals/corners and heart stopping moments coming when saves are made. Better GK’s will palm the ball to safer positions.

-The positioning of goalkeepers is now more intelligent with GK's looking to close angles down more appropriately.

-1 on 1 situations are now much more realistic as the keeper will be faster of the line to close down attacks.

-Goalkeepers will sweep behind the defense and come out to collect balls which drop over the defenders heads.

(*) New Collision System

The new collision system includes a new collision avoidance system to ensure players have the intelligence of where other are on the pitch.

This will result in less colliding with team mates (should only happen when appropriate) and more realistic collisions with opponents.

(*) Team Mate Support Logic

The team mate support logic now has the intelligence to ensure you are never short of passing options.

Making a runs down the wing will now see players bursting forward into the box to get on the end of your sweeping crosses!

(*) New Exponential Shot System

The new exponential shot system, FIFA 10 is even harder to master. Taking quick low powered shots will be much easier to control, however, the more you hold the button the harder it is to get the accuracy required to unleash those shots into the top corner.

(*) Heading and crossing

Heading and crossing is more realistic than ever before, with the following:

- Aerial Battles, battle with your opponent and win those all important headers.

- New Heading power physics see you scoring those bullet headers, making those runs down the wings all important

(*) Set-plays

We have made many updates to the set-plays in FIFA 10, here are some highlights:

- Quick Throw-in system to allow you to catch opponents off guard with a quick throw back into play

- Quick Free-kicks allow you to get on with play.

- Quick Corners allow you to get to whip corners into the box whilst the opposition is organising its defense.

- More appropriate players forward at corners, seeing the big boys come up from the back.

(*) Referees

Referee realism is also a feature of FIFA 10, with more intelligence and realistic decision making. We have also improved the animations too. Referee’s will also make mistake so look at finding ways to take advantage of this.

(*) Game Settings

A few additions to the gameplay settings provide a more realistic challenge:

- New Default Tele Cam.

- New Authentic Game Speed

- Legendary difficulty now available from the off, giving you the ultimate challenge!

(*) New Skill moves

Mastering skill moves has always been something that takes time to achieve. Take to the Practice arena and learn the skill moves. This year we have added the ability to go around your opponents with moves that will make it easier to step dummy to the side of him. Some skill moves will only be available to those top players such as Ronaldo and Messi, so make sure you learn who is capable of what.

(*) Improved Passing

We have now added new intelligence to team mate which will see them step out of the way of passes to make bypassing them and picking the pass more easy. With 360 movement, you can now also find passing angles that was never possible before, so get in the Arena and practice those all important killer passes.

(*) Ball Physics

The ball physics in FIFA 10 have been improved. We found that the ball was not rolling as expected so we have put effort into addressing and improving this. In addition to this we have also made improvements to the weather system to ensure that the correct ball physics are being used. When Overcast or night time, it will only use the wet ball physics when its been raining or is raining. There have been other improvements made here and I think that once you play the game you will notice the difference.

(*) Stamina

The stamina system has now been updated to ensure that the stamina of players in now considered more accurately than before. Bugs with certain players not being able to finish matches or being tired to quickly have now been addressed.

(*) Defending

The Defending in-game is also much improved. This is partly due to the team styles, but also due to the updates and improvements we’ve made to player positioning and awareness of when to tackle. This will mean that the game is much more challenging as the opposition are much more intelligent when it comes to defending all situations.

(*) Jostling

The jostling of players has been improved for FIFA 10. Players with more actively hold off opponents and opponents will move closer, pull on shirts more and try to easy you off the ball with nudges of the shoulder.

(*) Low hard shots

A request made many times has been the introduction of low hard shots. These can now be achieved in FIFA 10. To perform them sprint with the ball, hold the finesse shot and see your player unleash a hard low shot.

(*) Controlled 360 Dribbling

Controlled 360 Dribbling takes full advantage of 2 systems we have in-game. The combination of 360 dribbling and the pace control system will have you performing more moves than tricks than ever before. This also allows you to quickly switch the ball from foot to foot. Hold the Pace control button and change direction (only slightly) will see the ball switch feet, hit the sprint button to burst away from your opponent and unleash a shot or a cross using the new foot.

(*) Be A Pro: Club and Country

Take your player from the beginning of his career where he is just breaking into the first team squad, to the peak of international stardom in the new revamped Be A Pro mode. Grow your professional player at the club level and work your way into your national team in one of the most grueling challenges of any professional soccer star’s career.

(*) Compete in league, cup and continental competitions

For the first time in BAP, you will be able to compete over 4 full season’s competition in league, cup and continental competitions.

(*) Make the 2010 World Cup™ Squad

As soon as you kick-off in Be A Pro: Club and Country, your performances for your club will be influencing your chances of being called up to the national team and make the squad to travel to South Africa and play at a simulated in-game World Cup Competition, to truly test your skills. Beware, other players who share your nationality will be looking to take your place in the national team as the mode unfolds.

(*) Be A Pro Action Icons

The in-game experience of Be A Pro: Club and Country has had many major improvements. The Be A Pro Action Icons will provide you with a dynamic feedback system on the actions you make in-game, and help you improve your game.

(*) New Performance Rating System

The New Performance Rating system provides the most accurate rating system seen in Be A Pro yet. Make a bad pass and get punished for it.

(*) Season Mode

Based on feedback from our fans, Season Mode is also a new feature this year. Similar to Manager Mode, but without some of the complexities such as player transfers and salaries, Season Mode provides a more accessible option of guiding your favourite team to glory. Take your club through the most in-depth Season Mode to date and compete in official league fixtures, cup and continental competitions. This mode allows you to focus on playing matches with the current crop of players available in your club, making it a lighter, faster way to take your team to the top.

We have also addressed many other issues and made some other smaller improvements. If there is something that you are aware of that has not been mentioned in this blog, please add a comment and I will try to respond.

All of the improvements made will be in the demo release September 10th 2009, so we will be looking at your feedback from that to see where else we can improve the game.


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We already created a "FIFA 10 Information thread", and this information has already being posted there.;)


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Javyol;2728700 said:
We already created a "FIFA 10 Information thread", and this information has already being posted there.;)

i have to agree with him, kp40
please continue in the other thread
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