Fifa 12 KurtCoban Faces


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KurtCoban;3294834 said:
Nuri Şahin (Shifty*nim's face model I just updated the texture and the hair)

very nice wait the link


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The model and hair is really superb, apart from it being the wrong way round lol. For now I just flipped the texture one my own :P.

Anyway I've updated your texture. I've given it a more realistic beard, updated the eyes and hair colour and got rid of some greys. I've just cleaned the whole thing up and added a few more details. I hope you will use.

I've also included eyes for him which I created. :)



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I just need you to release him with the hair the correct way round?. For now this will do, I can upload the rotated texture if anyone wants it. I can flip the details so they stay in the correct position?


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DizzeeSpellz;3296008 said:
Hey made, The hair model is the wrong way round?

It's so awesome, please release it the correct way round?

This is what happens when I load it...

You just have to use joey barotons hair ;)


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OK i've realised what is wrong with sahin. The hair appears fine in CM12 at first but when you save and go in game it flips as you can see in this pic...

Why does it do this?


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Weird Llorente - really TOO angry (though i like when the faces are serious)/ Work a little more on the expression and it'll be very cool.


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