FIFA 13 To 14 Faces Archive


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Haico Epe (PEC Zwolle)
Markus Henriksen (AZ Alkmaar)
Adam Maher (PSV Eindhoven)
Youness Mokhtar (FC Twente)
Thomas Oar (FC Utrecht)
Viktor Pálsson (N.E.C. Nijmegen)
Joey Suk (NAC Breda)
Mark Uth (Heracles Almelo)
Kenny van Hoevelen (RKC Waalwijk)
Marko Vejinovic (Vitesse)
Piet Velthuizen (Vitesse)
Jeroen Zoet (PSV Eindhoven)


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JaJoPL;3557787 said:
Ok I finished converting over tahn 1000 faces from FIFA 13!!!

Faces are good qualilty, also files are complete (no missing files, like i usually found in other BIG packs, before)
I dont change the orginal AE (not generic) faces, All that faces working fine (animations), so I just add only new faces to the game!!! Thats importand i think.

There was a lot of work, so here you go !! :)

Files are in 3 parts:

Part1 (193 MB)
Part2 (193 MB)
Part3 (56 MB)

After U unpack archive, 3,26 GB!!

This pack is amazing, I downloaded it completly, but something happend! Many faces don't apear in CM. I'm sure the face 3x is there.
I expanded the database, but that's not it.


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textures are not compatible. unless you use sepak's new method. hair is still compatible


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May someone kind convert these MLS faces ( please :) ?

PaulFCB;3557587 said:
I just finished converting all my Bundesliga face, which is a total amount of 148 FIFA 13 and FIFA 12 faces :) Since the head bump file is about 2 MB big, the .rar file is pretty big, so I had to upload it in two archives. I can also give you guys a list of the included faces if you want :D

Part 1:
Part 2:

Unfortunately I dont know who to give the credits to and I seriously dont wanna look them all up. So if any facemaker doesnt want his faces included in this pack, please tell me and I'll remove them! :)
I'll continue with the other leagues now and upload them aswell!

I didnt check all of them in FIFA 14 but a few and they should all work fine!
Give us the list please :)