FIFA 15 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC

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FIFA 15's ANT Patch 2018 PC statement:

I have made alone ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15 on PC in 1 year period ealier. Now I have released also the final version with update! New links are here in 1 post! There is new version of ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15 on PC. Indcluding: 30 national teams squads have been improved like for example; Paraguay or Sweden or Burundi, also 30 new stadiums have been added for national teams like for example; Old Wembley Stadium or Old Stade Velodrome or Old Rose Bowl Stadium, some bugs are now fixed. All clubs are also playable! Now this patch is perfect and there are 218 national teams all together and 241 new stadiums added!

FIFA 15's ANT Patch 2018 PC official video:

Only ENGLISH version compatibility!!!

How big is this patch? Basic and clear FIFA 15 after installation is 8,7 GB. 7z archive files to download are 10,3 GB. After installation of my ANT Patch 2018 is 36,0 GB.

The installation method is simple. Copy and paste into FIFA 15 folder.

Patch will be publish to download for all of you for FREE on Sharemods in 7Z archive files. I do NOT want and accept ANY finnancial support beacause patch is for FREE for all People who love international football of national teams and your own National Team :).

FIFA 15's ANT Patch 2018 PC features:

- All 218 national teams of the world
- FIFA 15 new look based on World Cup Russia 2018's theme
- All national teams that took part in 2018 World Cup Qualifying all over the world
- UEFA/AFC/CONCACAF/OFC/CONMEBOL qualifiers can be created and are playable
- All euro, other continents or world cup qualifier groups can be created by custom tournaments option in main menu
- 241 new stadiums in patch related to national teams and some club teams, for example Juventus Turin plays on Stadio Delle Alpi
- All basic club leagues exist and are playable
- Polish Ekstraklasa updated with all stadiums
- Improved database 2018
- Fixed all bugs and update 2018
- Kits update 2018
- New Polsat Sport television logo
- New Qualifiers scoreboard
- New World Cup 2018 popup
- New flags
- New banners
- New logos
- New gloves
- New boots
- Real life Russia WORLD CUP 2018 with real 12 stadiums during that tournament... also with all real qualifiers

FIFA 15's ANT Patch 2018 PC credit list:

Ovide – new real life tournaments
Makispla2017, Robmar85, Tunevi, Fabrizzio1985 – kits
Sonofsam69 – scoreboard with popups
Makispla2017, Ovide, Robmar85, Fabrizzio1985 – minikits
RavenFCB, BosnaZmajevi, Verdun, Kotiara6863, TheWizard, Raldney, SaulSilva, LuizFer, Puliciclone, Humbertoaze – 241 new stadiums added to game
Diazjesux, Dazzaa, Fabrizzio1985 – new soundtrack
Fabrizzio1985 – FIFA 15 ANT Patch 2018 PC

FIFA 15's ANT Patch 2018 PC download links:


FIFA 15's ANT Patch 2018 PC install steps:

(FIFA 15's ANT Patch 2018's archive folder does NOT contain fifa15.exe file. To play ANT Patch it is necessary to have an original and legal version of the game!)

1. BUY the original and legal FIFA 15 game with ENGLISH language available (EA Sports - Respect for a such great football games like FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16!)
2. Install the Origin program and install the fresh FIFA 15 game and choose ENGLISH language available in the game
3. Download ANT Patch archive files and unpack ANT Patch archive files
4. Delete all files from FIFA 15's folder WITHOUT ONE FILE - your own original and legal file "fifa15.exe" which must be not deleted
5. Copy all files from the unpacked ANT Patch's archive FIFA 15 folder to the fresh installed FIFA 15 game folder
6. Copy from Settings in the unpacked ANT Patch's archive folder FIFA 15 save folder to My Documents folder on drive C
7. Disable every ANTIVIRUS software on Windows 7 or Windows 10! Very Important!!!
8. Turn on the Origin program and never download game updates by Origin!
9. Turn off "Origin in game" option (Origin->Application Settings)
10. Turn on Origin OFFLINE option EVERY ONE TIME BEFORE launching FIFA 15!!! (Origin Menu)
11. Launch the FIFA 15 game and choose only ENGLISH language!!!
12. Create and win your favorite team's qualifier group and then FIFA World Cup by playing your favorite national team :)

I also add some pictures from my ANT Patch 2018 for FIFA 15 on PC. This is how the patch looks:

Greetings from Poland!


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Thanks friend! I worked alone to make this patch for about last six months. I have also FIFA 16 ANT patch created bo it is not so perfect as this one for FIFA 15. What is better thing then win the qualifiers and later the world cup playing for example Armenia or Uzbekistan on world class level! Unfortunately I tried but I can not convert Stadion Slaski for this patch :(. I am weak in blender and other graphic programs :(. Beacuase of that I ask for help. Here on the forum there are so many great artists - stadium makeres or people converting stadiums. I added new picture, I won Conmebol qualifiers group to WC Russia 2018 while playing Bolivia on world class :). Marcelo Martins Moreno scored 27 goals :). Shame on you: Leo Messi and Neymar ;). The highest world's stadium Estadio Hernando Siles could help me maybe a little bit ;).
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In reference to your questions from our private conversation, I reply here, so that everyone can have information about what is in my patch ... I focused on adding stadiums, banners and flags. Of course, about 200 national teams are in their league in the league structure called FIFA. Germany have Budesliga 1 and Bundesliga 2 for example as league names. National teams have their league where there are about 200 teams. The league is called FIFA and it has the FIFA logo. They have practically all perfect well-designed national kits. The teams' squads are not all updates for 2018, but a lot, of course. Some are for 2016 or 2017. All are assigned stadiums edited and created from outside the original game database. Most are real. For example, Norway plays at the Lerkendal Stadium, Serbia plays on Belgrade's Marakana, Russia at Luzhniki Stadium, Faroes Islands at Torsvollur Stadium, Ukraine at Kiev NSK Olympic Stadium, Estonia at Le Coq Arena, etc. ... There are no ready tournaments in the patch. You can create them yourself and name them. For example, UEFA WC Qualifier 2018 Group E (Poland's Group). It is in the patch what is necessary to do it. All national teams of the world with new squads, stadiums, flags, banners and kits :). You can play while Eurosport shows the matches. There is Eurosport scoreboard in game. I'm thinking of maybe making a video to show the bigger content of the patch. Thank you for your interest. My goal is to promote the international football of national teams in sports games. That everyone, for example in Turkmenistan, Somalia, Thailand, Jamaica, Uganda, Sudan could play their beloved national team against Brazil or England for example and win;). In football, after all, everything is possible :). After Qualifiers you can create World Cup or Continental Tournament by your own. Greetings from Poland!
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No. There are not any original Euro 2016 or WC 2018 tournament with logos, special abroads etc.

To play qualifiers player must choose: play->custom tournament->league and choose your own group options, give the league the name for example: "UEFA 2016 Qualfier Group D", how menu teams in group for example 6, 2 fixtures each team and other options, add teams to group which are about 200 national teams to choose from.

To play continental championship or world cup player must choose: play->custom tournament->group and knockout, give the name to tournament for example FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 and choose the tournamnet option, how many teams 16 for EURO or 32 for WC, add teams.

Patch goal is to give a possibility to play various qualifier groups in history, not only WC2018 or EURO2016. The player choose which team and in which qualifier group to play. For example player can create UEFA WC 2014 Qualfier Group G (Bosnia,Greece,Slovakia,Lithuania,Latvia,Liechtenstein) and play Liechtenstein in that group or Bosnia or Greece for example. Whatever team you want to play :).
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Patch was created by me on original and legal FIFA 15 game. I play FIFA 15 with ANT Patch 2018 by the Origin software. But it will work on all versions. Just copy and paste. You must have your own working FIFA 15. Whatever from where you have it. It will work. But I encourage you to play the original game, as I have and do ;). The FIFA 15 game is worth big money to buy it in my opinion. For me it is the best soccer game in history, because game's beautfiul graphics, style of gameplay, huge number of mods and that we can edit everything in the game by creation center. Therefore I never will buy or play FIFA 17,18,19. For those games I can not create ANT patches. The data structure was changed as everybody knows.
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Euro 2020 Qualifiers start today so... beacause of that special day for all football european national teams I add on youtube video which shows features of my ANT Patch 2018. I have changed original in game data the Stadio Comunale for Poland's Stadion Slaski untill the stadium will be converted from PES6. If you want this patch will be finished and published to download as soon as possible please help me with Stadion Slaski convert thread... Only this stadium is missing to finish the patch.
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Because I do not have so much time alone to do that. Besides, that's just one elimination cycle. The user himself in a custom tournament can create any group which was in the history of UEFA qualifiers and other elimination zones. I focused on kits, squads, flags, banners stadiums and all national teams of the world. Everyone can create any qualfiers group which was played in history that he wants by him self :).
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I have only played national teams. Now, while I am waiting for the stadium, I check other game modes, testing what is possible to check. Everything works perfect in 99%, except one thing. The game always hangs and crash at the beginning of a career in any league and team. Only career mode after several games crash. It crash after a few games each time. I am asking for a clue, why is this happen? Somebody knows why? I want to eliminate this bug before the patch is released. Please help, any ideas why the game crash in career mode. Here is how it looks: Crash.jpg#
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All the free time I have got I try to make new patch better. Updated squads of Poland and Russia National Teams (Zurkowski, Piatek and Miranchuk for example) and a new-old :) stadium for Poland NT. Please help me to find a crash cause in career mode only.
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What could be the most easy way to reapair this problem? Game has all leagues which I do not even edit it structures: Premiership, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc. I only add more and more up to 200 national teams where they belong to. International Legaue. National Teams ARE NOT in career mode. Thank You for the answer :).
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