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FIFA 15 - BHT PREMIJER LIGA MOD 2015/16 v1.0 Full Download

Discussion in 'FIFA 15 Mods, Patches and Total Conversions' started by AmirPjanic, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. AmirPjanic

    AmirPjanic Club Supporter

    Mod sa Dvije BiH Lige i Kupom :

    Još više informacija na Facebook stranici:

    1) BHT Premijer Liga (16 Timova)
    2) 1. Federalna Liga BiH (16 Timova)
    3) Kup Bosne i Hercegovine (32 Timova)

    Mod nije testiran do kraja..
    Pobjednik Kupa - Europa League
    Pobjednik Lige - Champions League

    Grbovi - 100%
    Imena Klubova - 100%
    Boje Klubova - 100%
    Sastavi za sezonu 2015/16 - 100%
    Dresovi za BHT Premijer Ligu sezona 2015/16 - 100%
    Mini Dresovi za BHT Premijer Ligu sezona 2015/16 - 100%
    Izgledi igrača BHT Premijer Liga - 100%
    Dužine ugovora BHT Premijer Liga - 100%
    Godišta igrača BHT Premijer Liga - 100%
    Brojevi na dresu igračima u BHT Premijer Liga - 100%
    Poredani stadioni ekipama u BHT PremijerLiga - 100%
    Reklame - 100%
    Zastave - 100%
    Markeri - 100%
    Sudijski Dresovi - 100%
    Imena Sudija za BHT Premijer Ligu - 100%
    Izgledi Sudija za BHT Premijer Ligu - 100%
    Imena Sudija za 1.Federalnu Ligu BiH - 100%
    Izgledi Sudija za 1.Federalnu Ligu BiH - 100%
    Dresovi za 1.Federalnu Ligu BiH sezona 2015/16 - 100%
    Mini Dresovi za 1.Federalnu Ligu BiH sezona 2015/16 - 100%
    Izgledi igrača 1.Federalna Liga BiH - 100%

    Od sada u Menuu ce se moci izabrati i Bosanski Jezik koji ce biti preveden tek nekih 30%

    I jos mnogo toga vas ceka u ovom modu.... vas FIFA BOSNIA Edit Team !!


    Specialne zahvale na podrsci idu za Web Portale i stranice:


    Facebook Stranicama:
    FK Sloboda Tuzla
    BHT Premijer Liga
    Prva Nogometna Liga Federacije BiH
    Lukavac Live Info Servis
    BH Sport Planet
    NK Mladost Kikači
    NK Mramor
    i naravno Orthodox-u za Mini Dresove..






    Kako instalirati:
    1) Instalirati FIFA 15
    2) Instalirati BHTPL Mod v1.0 Full 2015/16
    3) Instalirati Fix
    4) Pokrenuti i68 Regenerator namjestiti lokaciju te iste fife i kliknuti regenerate (http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/ukkzurp9/file.html)
    5) Kada zavrsi regenerisanje pokrenuti i igrati...
  2. AmirPjanic

    AmirPjanic Club Supporter

  3. mattes13

    mattes13 Club Supporter

    Hi I have Install Problem Why!
    can you help me please
  4. AmirPjanic

    AmirPjanic Club Supporter

    can you send me a picture with problem
  5. mattes13

    mattes13 Club Supporter

    Hey That´s the Problem

    "There is not enough Space in folder C:\Users\Matte\AppData\Roaming\FifaBosnia\BHTPremijerLigaModFull1.0.0\install\"

    Please free some Space and press retry (is not present) or press chancel to abort the installation.

    Space is enough on C:\
    Can you help me please
  6. AmirPjanic

    AmirPjanic Club Supporter

    mod required space more than 30gb free hard drive space
  7. fifajoy

    fifajoy Youth Team

    the patch looks interesting .. what will bring v1.2 and when .. ?
  8. AmirPjanic

    AmirPjanic Club Supporter

    Mod and list of stuff's in update soon...
  9. serhiym1994

    serhiym1994 Youth Team

    finally I saw my old helping to you brings the result!
  10. RavenFCB

    RavenFCB Youth Team

    Whats the name of song which plays during install ?
  11. Hound of Ulster

    Hound of Ulster Club Supporter

    Mine didn't install at all...and the link for the i68regen is broken

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