FIFA 15 Demo Impressions


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V.K;3731261 said:
Di Maria at CM? Come on man stop pace abusing :D
Also, where'd you get the money for all these top players? Link in the description?

Had Khedira there before, but I want to try out Di Maria at this position.
And I'm far away from being a pace abuser in this game, playing more of a posession style.
Nope, just trading. It was so easy on PC the last 2 months. ;)


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And the quality. ekranu 2014-09-09 20.30.05.png ekranu 2014-09-09 20.30.23.png

Anyone have this problem?


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krisaju95;3731308 said:
maybe you could try importing your buttonSettings.txt file from FIFA14. i.e., if there is a folder generated in your Documents. not sure, still downloading the demo

Yes, i did that too, works perfectly


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4ndr3i;3731299 said:
Ok Gentlemen, so is there a way I can modify the controls on the keyboard?

Whenever I try to modify them a window appears.. I select temporary changes but when I enter to play they are automatically reset back to the default ones. It's becoming frustrating. I didn't have this issue with the Fifa 14 game or demo.

I have this problem too,same as in fifa 14 demo too.


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the game crashes for me when i try to change the controller setting to keyboard only :\ anyone know how to fix this?


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Decretis;3731295 said:
Same here. "Temporary save" doesn't work for me. Another thing is that resolution of the game seems to be like 720p. I don't know why, I set my native resolution, 4x MSAA and no fps limit. When I open Fraps and check my actual FPS it shows from 50 to 60 but.. Game is lagging. I used to have that problem with FIFA 13 Demo. As far as I remeber FIFA 14 Demo was problemless.

Yap i'm having the same problem


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we shall wait until a user will create a patch that will fix the button problem.
i managed to change the button configuration from 'keyboard + mouse' to 'keyboard only'. sadly, the buttons can't be changed