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Discussion in 'FIFA 15 Support Forum' started by Bendit, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Just tweaking the retail version. Does anyone know what what to put in cl.ini to skip the language selection screen at startup? Or hexedit the exe, or edit the database?

    Also, any way to turn off hospitality settings sync with the server? Or load the (single?) profile automatically?

    FIFA always has such laborious start ups, with so many redundant button presses. It drives me nuts. I dream of a day when it's one mouse click from Windows desktop to the FIFA main menu.

    BTW one thing I found, which is worth posting here for anyone else looking for a faster game start, is Langun's trick to skip the FIFA startup movie.

    Update... Anasie10 on the Evoweb forum kindly posted a solution to skipping the language selection screen at startup. I may as well post it here if anyone else sees the thread title and is looking for it.

    Create a new install.ini with notepad with the following lines:

    // Don't remove this block
    // ---

    // Language-Locale
    USE_LANGUAGE_SELECT=0 // Just start with the default language please ..


    // Game
    //DISABLE_VSYNC=1 // Disable Vsync in-game, fix sync issues?
    //ENABLE_ALL_FACIAL_UPDATES=0 // Disable if low GPU
    //ENABLE_BREATHING=0 // Disable if low GPU
    //ENABLE_FACE=1 // Enable *all* face/emotional reactions?
    //FORCE_BROADCAST_OVERLAY_SET=1 // Force default overlay (instead of BPL
    LEGAL_SCREEN_DISPLAY_TIME=0 // Disable legal screen
    TITLE_SCREEN_TIME_BEFORE_PRESS_START=0 // Disable time-out on start
    //UNLOCK_ALL_UCC=0 // Unlock all player celebrations
    //USE_SSD_COMPRESS_FOR_SPEED=1 // Only if on SSD
    //USE_SSD_COMPRESS=1 // Only if on SSD
    USE_ZLIB_COMPRESS=1 // Should speed-up the game
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    How to skip language selection in FIFA 15

    That code successfully skips the language selection but for me it always starts the game in English, no matter what value I give to DEFAULT_LANGUAGE. Well, after hours of meddling with the game files I found a working solution to automatically start the game with another language. Apparently FIFA 15 keeps preferring the first language, so all you have to do is add this line (changing the language as you please):

    AVAILABLE_LANG_1 = ita,it
    Hope this helps. :D
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    Don't works
  4. white_knight

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    Sorry to hear that. Try deleting english_us.big and regenerating if you haven't done that yet. You've got to make sure the game is aware of your .ini file.

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