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Anyone know a good big face pack with al the faces of some big players? i downloaded everything again and Salah Trent and others have old or fake faces.


how to create hair for FIFA 16 or FIFA 14?
i completed create faces with facegen but have problems with creating hair? thx


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Anyone who can tell me what i am doing wrong or does omeone have a good face for Messi? I can't get his face right.



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Hi guys,

I'm experiencing crashes with Gullit & Rijkaard Legends/Icons faces. I've tried with both XBOX 260 conversions, MWM versions & @Lagwagon93 has sent me faces too, but none of them work. Can anyone tell me if there is a fix available?


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hey mate thanks for the reply, that’s a file from the sceansets I gues? Where can I get a blank one ?
It was included in a face made for Messi a long time ago. I think it was released by Krisaju. If you can't find it, I'll send it to you


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Hello. Immediately apologize for my english. Guys put a face
Karamoko Dembélé, put a checkmark through CM, bought it for my team in my career and put it in the starting lineup, and when I go into a match the game crashes, tell me what the problem is, thanks in advance!


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When modifying hair files in CM16, does someone know how to get rid of eyelashes?


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