FIFA 16 graphic stuff[goalnets, goalposts and netsupportpost]


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Here it is guys. I have some goalnets in my folder. Some of them are converted from pes.

Goalnets go into sceenassests/goalnet folder
Their name should be like this (example Chelsea ID 5)

specificgoalnet_teamid_stadiumid (example specificgoalnet_5_28). If you name specificgoalnet_5_0, it will use always as chelsea home team in any stadium. Or goalposts and netsupports.


Goalnet 1

Goalnet 2

Here are some more goalnets (mostly edited saturation and brightnes because of day or night matches).
Folder contains nets images, just opet specificgoalnet file and replace texture (open only with Jenkeys tool FIFA FILE EXPLORER) apply and save.


Goalposts and netsupports go in same folder with names specificgoalposts_teamid_stadiumid_textures and for netsupport specificnetsupportpost_teamid_stadiumid_textures

Goalpost Chelsea

And netsupport Chelsea

And here is example how GOALPOSTS should look like from Chelsea example.
BLUE is goalnet bar. Just recolor that texture and import it (this file work with both Jenkey and CGFE Explorer). WHITE color is color of GOALPOSTS. You can leave them white or recolor if you want different.



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Anyone interested to research goalnets?
Every other football game have great goalnet graphics. Only 16 is bad lol.
I want to have this texture but when i use from other game texture is flickering not visible 100%.

When i try to resize then its not so good its not tick like in pics it became fat.


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Hi @nikolapfc89 ! First of all thanks a lot for all of your work :)

I was trying to import the net supports to Estádio da Luz to make them red and I wondered if there is any way to have those net supports from RavenFCB's version of da Luz. They look amazing. Too bad the stadium has that problem with the green glare on the bottom.

Let me know if this is possible please :=)


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I am changing goal posts into a traditional type and I want to remove the goal net support behind the goal... No problem for the poles but does anyone know where is the texture of the wires? I have tried in goalpost_0_textures.rx3 and in _1 but the texture is complicated. Otherwise I will have wires suspended in the air.


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Hello Niko. I would like to ask you a question.
I recently installed FIFA 14 with Infinity Patch. It's nice to be able to remember. I've always installed everything in FIFA 16, every detail, I've never had any problems. But, I tried in FIFA 14, and the file called specificnetsupportpost didn't work. Would you happen to know what the FIFA 14 rx3 format is?
I even searched in GD "the old threads of FIFA 14", but I didn't find anything about Golnet.
Anyway, maybe you or another friend can help me unravel this mystery. lol