FIFA 16 Japan J1, J2 and J3 leagues mod


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I have a project to make the J2 and J3 League from Japan and insert it into Fifa Infinity mod 4.0. That way we could play Japan's 3 divisions in FIFA16. I have the uniforms of all the teams that I am converting from PES2021 to FIFA16. Who is interested in helping with this project? I need help in the assembly of the structure of J2 and J3 by Creation Master. Whoever is interested, leave your message and let's talk to make this project real.


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Manually use a base kit on Photoshop.
Exactly! I also convert the kits manually. But there are plans to create a script in Photoshop so that this happens automatically.

P.S. In general, I am a designer by education - so I will say with authority that it is impossible to create a 100% working script for any convertible kit. You will always need to make small changes manually.