FIFA 16 PS (DS) Button and Trainer Next Tuning Patch


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kikocan;3894501 said:
I'm playing FIFA16 on PC with 4k TV. The resolution is 3840x2160. The player indicator is too small that i cannot see which player is under my control. How i can resize the player indicator ? OR is there already a mod for this ?

Also, what means "regenarate with any tools ?"

No, there is still not the mod for that, because it's probably something menaged by the exe.

The 4k probelm is well known, and ea hasn't done anything to solve it.

Regenerate the database is rewriting the index files, so that the game can really use your editings. (A famous regenerator is NG Suite i68Controller or FHL-BH-Editor)


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This is an amazing idea :) Been wanting to have PS buttons displayed in game since forever ago lol. I play fifa with a DS3 (hate the bloody xbox controllers)

Good job, mate. Highly appreciated :)


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Hello everyone

I was up on the first page "DualShock4 buttonDataSetup.ini" did not work properly in FIFA17.
When you press the down of the hat switch, down and right it will operate at the same time.
Cause I think that it is a bug in the FIFA17.
"PC_POV_0_DOWN" and "PC_POV_0_RIGHT" hat the switch down is allocated, seems to have been mapped to the right in the "AddMap PC_POV_0_RIGHT VB_AI_LDPAD_RIGHT".

This problem has been improved by the emulated to Xinput by "x360ce".

If everyone took place the same problem?


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Hello, can someone tell me to install this? I mean all put all files to FIFA16 folder but
kinda don't understand this part:
2. Regenerate with a any tool.
How, and which files are need to be "regenerate"?
Sorry for my noob question :<