FIFA 18 Questions Thread


How do you do a shot with a bit of curve on it? I can't seem to do that on the PC. Also I don't know how to save a penalty with the goalkeeper. Well, in particularly, what do I push to make him dive one way or another?

Use the left and right sticks to curl and dip after your release the shoot button on your controller. If you are using your keyboard and not playing a FPS, I don't know what to tell you.

To save a penalty use the right stick on your controller in the direction you want to leap in.


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Right stick? I'm using a mouse and a keyboard. Okay. Better player. Well, I've tried in the practice area. Couldn't do too much. FPS?


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Yo como você e eu começo a jogar um jogo o tamanho da pele em FIFA 18 (na plataforma PC),

o que é o que o tamanho da pelota não es realista, é menor do que o debería ser, o que é jugando um pokey de mais de jugando o fútbol, o jogo não é legal e aburrido para mí,

este problema com a FIFA 17 anos atrás na fifa 18, no sé cómo EA cometió este erro, que deben coincidir con el tamaño real de la pelota.

Evan James

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How did Croatia lose to France in the World Cup 2018?
Football wasn't the greatest but I would say it's been the most entertaining World Cup that I can remember. France had been the most consistent team throughout and were worthy winners. When I was watching the championship I make predictions using the site . Very good resource, I recommend


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Hey please can anyone help me? When I shortlist a player in my transfer hub it doesn't show anything? And it is bothering me for a while now I just can't sign players can't accept offers.. What the fix for it?


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How do I stop the bug where players on the other team get cramps and have to be replaced really early in a game? It's ridiculous.


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Apparently, I had the injury frequency rate on a high level. But it was strange how they would get 2 injuries early on in the game and never in the 2nd half.


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Hello everyone! I would like to change the name, crest and jersey of a team, to be able to make a personalized career (like Fifa 22) in Fifa 18? How can I do? Could you give me some advice?


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hello guys . can you masters guide me how to export Martin Tyler commentary sounds and then convert it to mp3 or wav or adx
Please if you know, tell me
and thanks ♥