FIFA 18 to FIFA 11 Patch [Koxownik]


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FIFA 18 to FIFA 11 Patch [Koxownik]

Excellent for fast download and play online with latest transfers!

<<< ROSTER from FIFA 18 (21.09.2017) >>>

Patch version 1.0 (21.09.2017), contains:
- FULL converted ROSTER from FIFA 18 (21.09.2017)
- new intro
- adboards
- kits
- minikits
- logos
- scoreboards

- if you want ugabuga teams, 10 gb balls, boots etc. you have to wait for @tokke001 patch.
- this patch dont have working manager mode
- dont play teams which are not rated by any stars, u will get crash

Download link 29MB (21.09.2017):
Latest version 1.0: MEGA

1. Make backup your "data" folder (FIFA 11>Game>data).
2. Replace my "data" folder.
3. Use FIFA 11 Regenerator v1.6! (my upload)
4. Set program behavior to "Take care of edited files stored directly in folders" and GO
5. Now go C>Users>You>Documents>FIFA 11 and delete Squads file (example: Squads0 20130915184558%Teams)
6. Play.
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