FIFA 19 Balls


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Most wanted FIFA 19 Balls complied for downloads. Balls include Premier league, Champions League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and many more. Download link can be found below.


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Taking content from 19 and putting it into other games is the kind of stuff that will give EA an excuse to unleash the lawyers on the modding community. It's already hard enough as it is to mod the game since they moved to Frostbite.


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Why don't we have a FIFA 19 subforum? There are already tools released for the game that should be there and not in the FIFA 18 section.


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is giving error by the CGFE, the ball is not right!

está dando erro pelo CGFE, a bola não fica normal!


If you are using frosty editor, right click on mesh and click on import. The mesh file is the last of all the files. You can locate these files after clicking on content, character then balls

I have tried that. Frosty crashes. How can I import them using cgfe explorer?


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How do I choose the UCL FINAL BALL (black and orange) in FIFA 19 game?! I try it on every game mode and no one has this ball to choose!

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Wait, we can actually import mesh in frosty editor?

Does that mean we can import custom face models or other 3d models?

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Jordina Jesse i download the it rar file to have the folder with all those balls but when i tried to import the files (i use the frosty editor tool) from a ball for example ball 77 i can to import all files from the folder but not allowed to import the mesh file.Only i can import this mesh from a option bellow but allowed to import only bin files and a mesh file isnt bin but fbx file.And on other option to is on the right of the editor isnt possible to import those type of files(fbx) but only export.Anyway and evey time i try to save the project frosty editor crash so isnt to happen install a ball.So unfornately isnt possible to install the balls.Can you explain and with photos if you can how can install the balls correctly and which editor we can use for that without to crash ?
P.S Its possible to convert the files of the balls to are on folders on Fbmod file to we can use the frosty manager and caneasy to instal the mod ?
I mean a ball seperately from those files to Fbmod.Thanks