Fifa 20 mod manager + steam (Help)


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I was giving a shot to mods to fifa 20. Downloaded everything i wanted using Frosty Mod Manager. Everything works fine, except my controller: since origin sucks, i normally use the ds4 controller support from steam, but now since i have to launch fifa via frosty to use the mods, i cant use it. Putting frosty on steam wont work. How do i solve this?


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Is this thread still alive? The suggested "fix" assumes people are using ds4windows (which was abandoned since the creator sold it to people who put adware in the program)

The problem is even other controllers emualted as xinput don't seem to work properly on FIFA 20. The only way I've found to have proper controller use on the game is using a sony ds4 and launching the Game through Steam with the controller support on but the steam overlay disabled, but with Frosty, the game isn't launched through steam so the controllers don't work

Anyone found a solution for this?

Thanks in advance