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FIFA 21 IDs:
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Available lists of IDs:
  • Head Models
  • Body Type Codes
  • Commentary
  • Boots
  • FUT Icons
Thanks for making this spreadsheet. I think the ID's for the cup competitions should be added aswell, as they could prove useful when modding is possible (to fix the unlicensed ones).
I found the FIFA 18 ID's thread has most of them (Turkish Cup is missing, maybe the Supercup too), most of them are still included on FIFA 21 (Recopa Sudamericana was added last year, ID 1015).
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@cikoman its called Generic Capitale with ID: 114912
Mate thank you, but there is a issue. I am looking at the RDBM20 table, but there is no 114912 Team ID!!!
It stops at the line 114815. That is so weird. Do you have an idea?
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