FIFA 21 Textures/Models for Editors


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Big thanx and ALL CREDITS GOES to NFS_FM from Evo Web forums (PES editing community) who extracted many stuff from FIFA 21 PC so we can use in FIFA 14/16! Files are HD so mean much better textures than Switch version as far as i know.
Kits textures are "2048x2048", balls "1024x1024", boots "512x512"

Why is this huge deal for us? Last legacy (switch) version of the game is 21. So we will loose so much for next season for our games 14/16 (faces, kits, balls etc), and this export from PC give us new updates for our games in next years.

Textures are in .dds, just install Texture Works plug-in for Photoshop to open the files.

Folder is updated to Title Update 8 which have many kits updated.

FIFA 21 PC textures MEGA folder


If someone do rx3 files, please share here in this thread!
Unfortunately i dont have much time to do it.

Original thread at evo web forums LINK
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this files png (kits) work in FIFA 14-16 ?
no need convert ?


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I have tried with the Real Madrid kit, there is more quality than a switch


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I know.
Only thing is that technical sponsor (adidas, nike etc) missing, so we need to add them in photoshop. But also image of sponsor is in files.


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I think I can focus on converting kits next year. I did some this summer and it’s not that hard. Hopfully we can fix something to do this in a easy way.