FIFA 22 Theme + Official Soundtrack For FIFA 14 (Official Thread) (Now Released!!)


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Can you make a thread or simple docx(word file) / pdf with its tutorial, like about theme editing and editing XML layout of the theme?

I wanna learn about layout editing. Images are easy and can be done with trial and error.
my exams are over. im currently busy with my personal projects. i will make a documentation soon.


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If you are going to showcase this mod on your youtube channel, Kindly message me here or on Discord for permission, My Discord ID is Emran_Ahmed#1882.

It's finally here guys. Thank you all for your support!!
Feel Free To Let Me Know If You Have Found Any bugs In The Mod.

Oh my god, this is awesome.


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Hi! thanks for the topic ! but after installing the theme, when you log in to the game, a notification "profile is not loading" appears. How to fix it ?