FIFA 22 to 14 Faces Pack


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i only have 1 request if harry could somehow put jamaica national team in the mod so i could use them in career mode or tournament modes


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Would you convert The Journey characters if I send you files?


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Can you convert the faces you converted to Dmitry to 16? If yes, could you please disclose the tutorial?
JC , could you convert it for 16??
Only PC faces will be converted to FIFA 16, but I don't know when. I don't have time currently.
Good day @Dmitri, are there new generic hair files for this years switch version and if so are you planning to convert? cheers!
No, I don't have time for generic faces.
Would you convert The Journey characters if I send you files?


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Nope. Even this version is not included.
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The old FIFA 19 face is still used.
From the looks of it none of these PC additions made it to Switch either, so anyone who installed the F22 Switch pack would probably want to install these again on top of that:
FIFA 21 PC Player Faces From Updates

Also btw this link is unavailable
FIFA 20 TO 14 PC MINIPACK v1.0 - DOWNLOAD - 23 starheads
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Is there anyway to autogenerate lua files for female players to assign their gender [ assignPlayerGender(id,1) ]?
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