FIFA 23 Boots for FIFA 14 by AGCorvo


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This is last thing I'll say on this matter.


Refer Article 2. You wrote these rules right???

Article 2: Plagiarism / Content Theft / Content Copying:
We can't stress enough how important it is for us to protect our real modders.
SoccerGaming is still (after 20 years) the main source for FIFA Content in terms of Tools, Patches, Kits, Faces, Stadiums, Boots, Balls, etc. Most of the FIFA Modding Scene feeds off SoccerGaming.
So stealing content, Re-uploading other people's work without their permission or Copying other modder's content is completely forbidden.

This will result in an instant ban and the thread containing the links will be deleted.
Don't call yourself a modder if you don't mod. You can be a regular member and enjoy all the free content that's posted here. If you decide to create content, do it from 0. Be original.

I've been on this forum since Fifa08. Surely I've earnt some sort of respect for my work not being re-shared like this? I've raised it numerous times here on this thread & my own. This guy doesn't have my permission to re share my work, or anyone else's in that case.
The links are now updated. Nothing remains


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Hello everyone. This pack contains the new Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly Disruption the boots are also converted for FIFA 14 (512x512)

Special thanks for @patzor for the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly Disruption he made them even better than the ones that FIFA 23 brings, he is a master at making boots. I only converted them for FIFA 14 all credit goes to him



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hello friend, I managed to convert to fifa 16 mobile, but I have a bug, namely the shoe model doesn't fit, do you know how to fix it




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Hello everyone. This pack contains the new NIKE ZOOM MERCURIAL 2022'CR7 and the boots are also converted for FIFA 14 (512x512)

Special thanks for @BR7 FIFA KiTS for sending me the textures of CR7's boots, did a great job

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hd pic please something like 2048 or 1024 reso.


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Mate, with a higher resolution they are not displayed correctly that is the reason why I use 512x512… greetings
but i like boots on my game is i need either 2048 or 1024. u have it? please share with me. i can convert to rx3 myself.