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When will you fix this ????? Arsenal home shirt has man city underneath it ......?


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New link for version 4.1

The default camera has been reset.
The new camera always available as an option!rL4lgAyZ!Is8eT4BG-kxdW_oXgF0EZlfopjsrurMhsWdMOQXacWg

for before thing I would want to make the best compliments for the developed job. I have unloaded the first version of the 4.1 and I have found some bugs as (the sweaters of the Juventus have the colors of the wrong numbers, when you try to play with Arsenal the game it goes to crash, and the Milan has the numbers of the shorts that go to end on the number).
not being very good with this program I would want to know whether to insert the new version of the do 4.1 owe disinstall that old, if you could be explained me the procedure? thanks thousand


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Hey! I can't seem to update the squads using the file you provide. I've put it where the correct folder, but the squads still remain the same.


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Unless the squad file you provide, is not update. For example, Ronaldo is still in Real Madrid, Allisson is still in Roma and so on.


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Omg... I'm so stupid :( I found out, guys!

For everyone who has the same question as me:

Do as your told in the tutorial. When you open Fifa, go to Customise-> Profile -> Load Squads -> "Community Mod V4x"

Thank you @Sebbastos <3 You are awesome!!!!


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Gameplay 4.0 is not working, who can help me? I replace locale file, but in the game gameplay has not changed, and also when i choose Dortmund, game crash.


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Hi Sebbastos! Thanks for the MOD!

I know make faces with blender (i maked for pes) but because i´m new with FIFA i don´t know if the game have the possibility to do faces and import them. Greetings!.


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Sebbastos, do you have in plan making a big mod which to combine all kits?
I really enjoy your work.
I could help with the ini's for just about all what is conected to them. I am testing them for years now and I could make player growth go anyway you want, scout, player trainig, etc.(transfers are a little tricky, but could be tweaked).
You could attach separate ini files for people to import as optional containing good youth growth and regeneration, much better training and others.


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Hi Sebbastos! The game crash with Dortmund. Take in mind for the updates ;) Tell me if exist a way to create a face for a player (with the game editor) and then send it to you to put in the mod. (now i know it´s impossible create a face like in pes. Sorry for my english!!!


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For now, I play with 3.1 because the career mod version is 2.0.

Who is thinking that 3.0 career mod version is bullshit ?