FIFA Console Editing - PS3 (X360)


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Hello ramzidz15 !

I can not convert FIFA databse, file from PC to PC failed !
Excpetion message: Cant encoder byte = / -17 / !!!

FIFA database File Convert Frame1v1.0 ------ MyFIFA2005

Please help if you can.

My Dbmaster11.exe
does not load the Xbox, or PS3 database, just spins the circle.

Your db database would be good because it has a career mode that works with it and I would like to take it further, with new players, maybe teams, stadiums.

Yes I understand you well
First, this is an unmodified database
It's a FIFA 20 PC EA Squads
You can only edit
But the adjustment may cause problems in the career mode
Yes take some time when loading on dbmaster11
As for DB Converter Do not use it is unencrypted
Just use it on the original database xbox But you must first Decrypt chunklzx


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I finally managed to run boot from 20 to 19

There are minor problems I will try to fix
If I can not, I will suffice this until I find a solution
I will also try to convert ball and gkglove etc


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[QUOTE = "Balack, post: 6561958, member: 219346"] This faces are not ok fix pls [/ QUOTE]
How to use it for xbox 360? Copy and paste on sceneassets right?


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Hello I am new!
I'd like to know if anyone knows how to add faces to generics players like casemiro, ederson,etc.
In xbox 360


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Someone would kindly explain how to modify my fifa 19 ps3, edit the DB, put minikit to edit the menu, etc. PLEASE


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Hello..i just want to ask how can i change the transfer budget of the club as a default? What data should i extract?