FIFA Console Editing - PS3 (X360)


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Hey guys,

So I have FIFA 20 mod for XBOX 360 RGH. I'm able to edit / add kits, etc. But, for some reason, I can't edit boots, meaning, when I go to edit a player, I can only see the game generic boots and nothing else.

I have already changed the data7. big to data7.big1.big (I have data7.big decompressed), but the boots still don't appear.

Anyone knows how to make them visible?

Thanks in advance!
Have you downloaded the catalog update? She hides the boots and only shows the generic ones.


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FIFA 21.png
FIFA 21_1.png
FIFA 21_2.png


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so i just tried FIFA 21 mod by Cubans Gamer, tbh they focusing on how to make the graphics look like FIFA 21 and forgot the important thing is the squad database, hope they can change that in the future (just want to share some thing with you guys)


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Hello, football fans ! Most of you know that when you attack and hold the L1 button a teammate will make a forward run , getting in position for a pass . It is really a basic thing for any Fifa player . But, starting with Fifa 16 , EA Sports assigned to the same button a skill called " no touch dribbling " . So, when you make a run and press L1 your player stops his run and does the body feint , which loses your momentum and potentially ruins the whole attack . In the next gen versions , they assigned a new button untill totally removed it . In the old-gen versions , we are still stuck with it on L1 .
Since many game files can be opened and edited , is there any way to disable this " no touch dribbling " or assign it to another button ? I see many efforts by put by the community into making the game pretty . But a cleaner gameplay and some updated teams would be enough !


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Hi mates. Does anyone know the settings I should use to save the minikits as dds? I have the minikit in PNG and I would like to save in Photoshop or Paint.NET to DDS texture but I don't know which settings should I use to save the DDS file.

Thanks in advance :)