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does it mean we can add new tournaments?
It does mean that you can set up the name for new tournaments, teams, leagues (what you already could do if you replace unused lang strings and change their stringid). You'll still have to add graphics for new tournaments/teams/leagues (which arent ingame or hidden like FUT teams) via LiveEdtior.


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I have tried using LiveEditor for the central adboards, ... but they are not visible, ... however, the added minifaces are visible ...


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1.0.5 Feature Reveals starting today:

The first added feature is a small one, but it's the ability to copy the file path of any folder or file in the Data, Legacy, and RES explorer, for instance: content/character/player/player_158000/lionel_messi_158023/var_0/face_158023_0_0_color With just 2 clicks.



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Hello, there are team kits that I would like to modify but they do not appear like for example the Queens Park Rangers (QPR), I can only modify the stadium, there is no "Charactere" option for this team. How to please? I have version 1.0.4
Thank you
**FIFA Editing Toolsuite 1.0.3 Release**


The powerful Editor can be used to create mods for FIFA, with the ability to import and export many files including Textures and Meshes, with an incredible amount of other features to help you along the way.

Mod Manager​

You can use the Mod Manager to import and apply mods made from others (or yourself) made by the Editor, and has the power to play with multiple mods at the same time.


How To Install:​


1. Download the rar from the link provided:
2. Extract the whole folder from the rar somewhere on your PC.
3. Go to the folder and run the exe (preferably as Admin)
4. It will ask you for an encryption key. This will not be provided here, but it is the same as FIFA 19 and FIFA 20. You can copy the fifa19.key/fifa20.key file from your Frosty folder into the Editor folder, then change the name to fifa21.key and restart the program. Otherwise, it can be found on Google.

Mod Manager:

1. Download the rar from the link provided:
2. Extract the whole folder from the rar somewhere on your PC.
3. Go to the folder and run the exe (preferably as Admin)

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Another improvement to the Editor is two new buttons on the Export to Mod panel as well as the edit settings panel in the batch mod exporter and the default settings window. You can now either clear the settings, or reset them to the default ones.

FIFA Editor Tool

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Another smaller addition to the editor is a current action progress window, that pops up when performing a task, ie loading/creating the cache, importing a file, exporting as a mod, etc. This also fixes some issues with keyboard shortcuts not working.


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Suggestion: Add "Add maps files" button at kit editing. It speeds up the process a lot. I made a concept to understand better what I'm talking about.


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