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Good afternoon! The link on the official website is broken, I've waited couple weeks to see if they fixed it but it didn't. Does anybody have the file for Fifa editor tool and can share it please?? Would help me so much
Thanks in advance!!


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hey @FIFA Editor Tool ,
first i want to thank u for this amazing tool !

if i can make a request:
i would like to export FIFA 22 generic heads
i see those use "headmorphtarget" files, wich morphs a basehead-model
do u think it would be possible to add a function to export those "headmorphtarget" files,
or maybe export as an fbx of the morphed basehead-model ?

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Since I updated the game to title update 4, mod manager and editor tool don't work anymore. When I click launch it says that it's launching with mods applied, then the tool minimizes but the game starts without mods. I'm using 1.1.0
I have the same problem as you, please help


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Here is a link to mod manager



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Hi @FIFA Editor Tool,

I have a question about the callnames from the teams when in the game.

When i replace a team with new selfmade team the commentator says still the other old teamname i replaced.

How can i fix this with the new teamname i made?